Collective giving in global Black
diaspora communities - past, present, future .


Why This Work Matters

Black giving is rooted in the unrelenting desire to better the socioeconomic conditions of Black communities. From 'sou-sous' to giving circles, Black history is brimming with stories that demonstrate this commitment. 

Even as the ways in which we give continues to evolve, our 'why' remains unshaken. Our giving has evolved to include savings groups, remittances, philanthropy, skills transfers, impact investing, and even tourism - all for the betterment of our communities (Riddle, 2017). Our giving was and still is a form of resistance in the face of all odds.


As we look to our future in collective giving, we are considering questions about collective giving at the scale required to uproot the systemic issues that plague Black communities around the world. What types of technologies can we securely leverage to scale our giving across time and space? How do we foster trust across waters and improve outcomes that cannot be reversed?  These and other questions fuel our work and, quite frankly, keep us up at night.

As the prolific and legendary writer Maya Angelou famously said, "You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” And so with that, we start this journey with an exploration of Black Diaspora giving, past and present. We need to know and honor how far we've come in order to create a lighted path for what lies ahead.


The Objective

Our goal here is simple.  We are revealing how collective giving has evolved in Black communities around the globe, and examining how we can maximize future giving to address challenges within our communities. This space is intended to be a virtual home for our research, writings and collaborations on this work - a generative space to deeply explore black giving and related issues that are personal, complex and nuanced.


We invite you to join us along the journey by checking out our latest short essays and the latest news on Black giving. Stay connected!